These fine folks have manned the trenches with me through some pretty stellar projects.

Apparently they enjoyed it.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more in sync with a co-worker in my career than any time Jess and I were tackling a campaign or a brand together. Jessica is an unequaled writer and a one-of-a-kind human, certainly one of my favorites. No matter the demand of the brand or the challenge of the campaign, Jess is the person for the job to find and secure the voice needed to succeed. To shine.

It was my great honor and privilege to work with Jessica for the time that I did and I would travel great distances to ensure we did again. She’s an invaluable addition to any team and huge boost to the strength of any effort.”

      Adam Bunke, Design Director & Creative Strategist

“I have had the pleasure of managing and working with Jessica at Evok. She was a valuable creative asset to the team. Her positive attitude and clever wit allowed her to produce strategic, well developed copy. I would highly recommend Jessica if you want to elevate the creative output of your agency. There are those who are trapped in the box and those who think and live outside of it. Jessica is one of those rare finds, I would definitely hire her again.”

      Chris LeBlanc, Vice President/Executive Creative Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Jess at Evok for a few years. Simply put, she is a word wizard, with excellent communication and language skills. Jessica has the wit of a sharp knife, has a quick turn-around time, and will never say no to assisting with any project. One of the most fun, current, and overall extraordinary copywriters I have ever worked with.”

      Morgana Rees, Graphic Designer 

“Jessica is an incredibly talented copywriter and conceptual creative. I had the pleasure of working with her on numerous projects and she always worked hard to get the right voice and a targeted call-to-action driver. In addition to her professional skills, Jessica has an incredible sense of humor and working with her felt like working with the writers on Saturday Night Live. She’s a natural – that’s all there is to it.”

      Wagner dos Santos, CEO 

“Jess is a bright, creative, fun, and evocative writer. Her presence is felt in everything we do and her voice has become our voice. Beyond her writing prowess, she has a well-versed knowledge of marketing and advertising with a knack for understanding the mission and voice of any business and delivering that message to the world. She is talented, diligent and, moreover, hilarious! Being part of Jessica’s team is an absolute pleasure and anyone should relish the opportunity to work with her.”

      John Prinzo, Director of Technology

“Jessica served as a valuable addition to our creative team. Always punctual and always willing to lend a helping hand, she made quite an impression on everyone at the agency. Her natural talent for copywriting, paired with her refreshing personality was startling, quickly turning heads at the agency. Because of this, she was regularly looked to for creative direction, conceptual brainstorms, and ad critiques—with a highly valued opinion, Jessica always provided top notch feedback.”

      Seth Segura, Creative Director

“Jessica was always prompt, creative, and intuitive when working on client requests that I passed on to her. She exemplifies dedication and is a great addition to any team.”

      Stephanie Hampton, Senior Executive

“One of the finest creatives I’ve ever worked with, Jessica stood out from the very beginning, regularly performing beyond expectations. It’s always a pleasure working with her. I am certain that her future will continue to be filled with exciting achievements. She comes highly recommended.”

      Luis Evans, CEO

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