The Maintenance of Activities Agreement – or, as it is more often called, an essential service agreement – was obtained this week in meetings with a mediator between the city and the union in Vancouver. With respect to summer camps, the agreement states that “this program may be cancelled, but since camp leaders are not non-unionized summer/day employees, there is no need to discontinue this program. Second, PSAC needed the employer to put the contributions at the correct rate in order to increase members` salaries in accordance with the most recent collective agreements. Since the employer was unable to implement the new collective agreements on time, we unfortunately had to delay the wage increases. Members of the Treasury Board have only recently implemented their collective agreements, while members who work for separate employers such as Parks Canada are still waiting. We must ensure that all of our members actually earn their new wages before deducting the taxes associated with these new salaries. Since phoenix`s introduction in March 2016, many PSAC members have negotiated new collective agreements with their employers. As a general rule, PSAC would reassess its union rights on the basis of the new first-stage wages and inform employers of the new amounts to be deducted from Phoenix`s payroll system. Due to Phoenix, PSAC was unable to communicate these changes to the compensation system.

This means that the levies are based on old salary levels. During the last round of union negotiations, three days of negotiations were negotiated on new collective agreements in mid-March. With this agreement that has just been reached, the union could provide 72 hours in advance for planned union actions. Dolphin said the city had not received such a message. EU levies are now calculated on the basis of the content of the first stage of the classifications currently included in the agreements. The effective date of the amendment is December 11, 2019. There is no retroactive effect on this change — members will not see any residue calculated on the content change. The city had requested mediation meetings on 16 and 17 April to work on agreements with unions representing most of the city`s workers and the city`s transit union (which is already running a campaign for work to dominate). However, these appointments are not available for the Ombudsman. Yes, yes. At their respective triennal conferences in 2017, three (3) components of the PSAC royalty rate changes were approved effective January 1, 2020 for all workers covered by a collective agreement with the PSAC.

The Change File interface has been in operation since November 2018 and, after PSAC was assured by the employer that almost all members had adjusted their salaries to current collective agreements, PSAC is now able to adjust union rates by applying the fees to the most recent wages of the first stage of your collective agreement. The service agreement stipulates that the strike offers would not include programming available through the city`s recreational facilities. The agreement came after months of negotiations between the city and the Yukon Employees Union. City employees voted this weekend to ratify a new collective agreement with the City of Whitehorse. It is the employer`s exclusive responsibility to begin and decide on trade union rights, in accordance with the various collective agreements and the Council of Treasury Secretaries of Canada (TBS) directive on EU rights. In far too many cases, the overwhelming workload of compensation advisors in The Phoenix Compensation System has led to a serious delay in ensuring that your wages are made on time. If union rates have not been suspended in time, a compensation advisor will send a request to PSAC to reimburse union fees. Effective January 1, 2020, the Agricultural Union has decided to increase rates for all workers covered by a collective agreement with the Public Service Alliance of Canada. The share of components increased from 0.7251 per cent – $2.00 to 0.7255 per cent