The reason you have trouble finding advice on how to write a contract for apprentices is that they don`t need to distinguish themselves from a regular employment contract. All labour laws applicable to apprentices apply regardless of whether or not they are included in the contract. With regard to severance pay and laws, an apprentice has the same rights and restrictions as a regular worker. This will not change until one month after the end of the apprenticeship, when an employer can decide to let him go before offering a new job. You must sign a declaration of commitment with your intern and the training provider. I think it is very difficult to find a typical employment contract that is suitable for an apprenticeship (we cannot afford to pay a lawyer for that). I read somewhere that apprenticeship contracts may not be as simple as regular employment contracts, as apprentices have additional rights. B, for example, if the employer is unfortunately faced with a situation of dismissal. You can`t believe what I just had,… A $60,000 loan.

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