The SPAA was created to ensure governance for supplier-supplier procedures that were not normally covered by existing contracts or agreements, but were nevertheless considered important for the effective and efficient transfer of consumers between suppliers. Since August 2017, Paul Denniff has been responsible for SGN`s security as Director of Network and Security. He was appointed Director of Customer Service and Engineering when SGN was established in 2005 and became Director of the Network at the end of 2008. Prior to joining ElectraLink, Andy was in IT leadership positions in a number of industries, including opus Energy and Haven Power, Drax`s energy supply business. Andy has also led IT teams in the telecommunications, publishing and IT outsourcing sectors and ensured that the technology provides every day to enable and improve the performance of the companies in which she is employed. Our decisions regarding the proposed amendments to this agreement are set out below. Engage Consulting Limited is a consulting service that provides expertise and advice in the field of electricity supply and measurement. We have worked with many measurement companies and have helped in areas as varied as market entry and accreditation, system and process controls, measurement strategy and smart metering. We always offer real benefits to our customers, and our strengths are our independence, our practical operational experience and our ability to see data as a business problem and not as an IS problem. The Master Registration Agreement (MRA) is the multi-stakeholder contract between electricity suppliers, meter registration service providers, the Electricity Pool of England and Wales, Scottish Electricity Settlements Limited and MRASCo. MRA Service Company Limited (MRASCo) is the company created by the signatories of the MRA to be responsible for managing the day-to-day operation and future development of the MRA. The term “revenue protection” refers to activities to deter, detect and combat the illegal withdrawal of gas and electricity by intervention in a meter or power installation.

UKRPA provides a forum for the exchange of information between bona foit parties participating in the work of the CP and the promotion of their common interests. The associated affiliation is open to service and product providers. The Uniform Network Code (UNC) is the legal and contractual framework for the transport and supply of gas in the gas industry. It has a common set of rules that ensure that competition can take place on an equal footing. It regulates processes such as gas network compensation, network planning and network capacity allocation. Stefan came to ElectraLink in 2016 to lead the Governance Services team in providing and supporting industry-leading administration and governance services for a number of important industry agreements, including the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), the Distribution Connection Use of System Agreement (DCUSA), the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP), the Theft Off Service (TRAS). (ETTOS) and the Distribution Charging Methodologies Forum (DCMF). The Point of Delivery Administration Agreement (SPAA) defines business-to-business agreements between gas suppliers and carriers in the UK retail market. This is a multi-stakeholder agreement that all domestic gas suppliers and gas carriers must comply with on the basis of their licences.

The Smart Energy Code is a multi-stakeholder agreement that sets out the rights and obligations of energy suppliers, grid operators and other relevant parties involved in the final management of Smart Metering in the UK. The SEC comes into effect under the Data and Communications Company (DCC) license, which was set up to manage the intelligent communications infrastructure….