Direct objects WorksheetsSubject-Verb-Conformance with sentences Alignment common core: CCSS. ELA-LITERACY. L.1.1.C Use singular and plural nouns with verbs concordant in principles (z.B. He hops; We`re going to jump). Grammar > worksheets > 4th class > sets > subject-verb conformity Mastery of grammar requires an understanding of concepts such as different parts of the language (e.g. .B. Noun, verb, adjective), different forms of verb tenses (z.B play play, Go-Went), plural of nouns (z.B. pens, boxing boxes, men), syntax of simple and complex sentences and questions, and the correct use of inters punctuation. Here you will find all our sentence worksheets, from sentence fragments to simple, composite and complex sentences. The subject and verb of a sentence must be both singular and plural.

In these worksheets, students choose the form of the verb that matches the theme of the sentence. How can you use Google Classroom with Ms. Wordsmith`s resources? For Google Classroom 101, download our guide with quick start instructions and teaching ideas….