Acceptance dateA real estate or installation manager should try to place acceptance of the new elevator as close as possible to the essential completion date and advantageous occupancy for the building itself. The definition of this data close to each other ensures that the maximum possible allocation of the warranty period during the period during which the building is occupied, not before. This discrepancy, often overlooked, should be clarified between the owner and the general contractor. It is important not to use most of the warranty period until a building is occupied. First, it is important to understand that there is no standard “type” of the contract. An elevator company can tell you that it offers a particular type – but this particular type varies from company to company (see example above). We will review the types of “industry standard” contracts, but it is important to remember that there are unlimited opportunities to cover an agreement. Elevator maintenance costs can range from $80 per month to $750 per month. The cost depends on the type of elevator, location, height of the building and level of service. Tower traction elevators cost more than civil engineering hydraulic elevators. Elevator Phone: You need to make sure that 24/7 coverage is included. This is one of the most common points in the event of an inspection injury. There are mobile phones and consolidated phone services that can save you hundreds a month.

Make sure you consider the options for each. Let`s see an example: Suppose you have an existing elevator service contract with Company X. The contract with Company X includes all elevator parts. Elevator service company Y gives you a phone call and offers a proposal for a lower price with all elevator parts except one included. You hide the excluded part deep into the contract, and you think it`s a better deal to rent Company Y. They rent Company Y, and that a portion breaks down and ends up costing more than the price difference of Company X. You are losing more money than expected. In this type of elevator service contract, the provider assumes full responsibility for the elevator. The costs of preventing errors and correction errors are included in the contract. The contract also includes preventative maintenance.

As with an insurance policy, this type of policy helps you repair the monthly elevator fee. It is important to consider the elements that are included and that are excluded from the treaty. Manufacturers of elevator systems do not manufacture maintenance contracts for equipment they have not manufactured. Your contracts are similar to contracts you would consider with the device manufacturer in your building. You can enter into a contract with another manufacturer to save money, get better service near you, or benefit from group discounts offered for multi-building contracts with the same owner or manager. Because the elevators are made up of hundreds of rooms that all need to be well maintained for the whole system to run smoothly. From the elevator truck to the control unit, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, which requires a very complicated technique. A maintenance plan is your way of suring a professional technician when it comes to system mechanics while focusing on your business.